Services Offered


Intelligent Systems for Intelligent Buildings help you do more for less. By integrating the different parts and pieces of your building’s infrastructure, you can eliminate the inefficiencies of operating and managing each system as a stand alone entity. When these assets are managed automatically, seamlessly and efficiently, you transform your building into a high performance facility. Althoff can help you achieve this goal by Integrating the heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, security, card access, and other building assets with an open-ended non-proprietary Building Automation System.

Althoff Industries’ integrated, intelligent systems solutions dramatically improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort, deliver trouble-free performance, and lower operational, training and upgrade costs. 


HVAC - Building automation through computerized control for HVAC systems allows for optimized zoning and energy conservation throughout a facility. Our non-proprietary true open-protocol system architecture allows for the seamless integration of new and legacy systems and offers real time monitoring capability.

Lighting - Lighting is one of the biggest users of electricity in a building. Fortunately, it is also one of the most manageable through our Building Automation system. We can program your system to adjust for daylighting, occupancy, motion sensing, and even holidays to conserve power 24/7.

Door Access - We can not only control who accesses your building, we can tell you where they went and how long they were inside. We can install lockout functions to specific personnel in specific places or to entire wings. Our real time monitoring can send alerts to a designated officer of your company, with detailed information via internet, phone or text.

Security Cameras - We can link CCTV Security camera systems to our Building Automation software package to provide remote control viewing and operation while recording.


Power - Althoff’s advanced Building Automation systems generate detailed reports for power consumption analysis. You will be able to distill information down to identify areas within your facility that you can shut down to conserve energy at a specific time.

Alarms - Real time 24/7 monitoring with alarms sent via phone, text, or internet can help you catch a minor problem before it becomes a major emergency.


We offer real time 24/7 remote system monitoring, or scheduled on-site system monitoring. Alarms can be sent via phone, text or e-mail to your head of maintenance and management team. We can also notify our emergency service department.


No matter how well building operators maintain the equipment most buildings experience performance degradation over time, which often leads to inefficiencies, energy waste and reliability issues. Althoff utilizes systematic evaluation and the improvement process of retro-commissioning to address these deficiencies. 

Retro-commissioning can produce significant cost savings in existing buildings up to 16% with an estimated ROI of 1.1 years and 91% cash-on-cash return on investment.

Some benefits of retro-commissioning include:
• Improved system operation and equipment performance
• Increased capabilities and expertise of operations and maintenance staff
• Improved environmental control, occupant comfort and indoor environmental quality
• Improved building documentation
• Reduced operating, maintenance costs and troubleshooting issues


When a system monitor indicates a problem, our BAS can automatically dispatch a technician to resolve your issue. Althoff service technicians attend regular certification training to remain current on all technologies.