Our Technology Group is a multi-disciplined team of building system specialists whose goal is maximizing efficiencies and reducing energy consumption throughout your facility. We specialize in total system integration for virtually any mechanical, electrical, security, access, HVAC, daylight harvesting, and information network operating in a single facility, and can link multiple locations via the Web.

As a certified VYKON Tridium System Integrator, we are able to provide Niagra AX, a non-proprietary true open-protocol system architecture that allows for the integrated control of all your facility’s operating systems via a single portal. VYKON is a powerful interface that features real-time monitoring and alarm capabilities along with detailed report generation for power consumption analysis. These reports will help you streamline your facility, and allow you to conserve energy throughout the operation by shutting down regions or systems not in use at any specific time. This results in a real reduction in energy costs and a rapid ROI on your investment.

The VYKON platform is capable of accommodating legacy systems via backward compatible software and allows for limitless expandability. Because it is a true non-proprietary open-end system, VYKON ensures that you will have a Relationship at Will with Althoff Industries, or another service provider should you choose.


Althoff Industries specializes in advanced building automation services for both new construction and existing facility re-engineering.

We have over 5 decades of experience in the design and installation of building controls and environmental systems. As technology has advanced, so too have our capabilities, from the zoned HVAC to VVT systems of the 1970’s to today’s fully integrated computerized systems.

Our Technology Group, along with our Major Projects Division has designed, constructed, and automated facilities as diverse as hospitals to sports stadiums and office buildings to food processing plants. Whether your project is an entirely new building, an addition or a facility re-engineering, Althoff stands alone in its ability to fulfill your needs.