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Warm Days, Cool Nights: Seasonal AC Tips for Energy Efficiency

Aug 29, 2017

This is the time of year when those of us in the Chicago area can still experience some pretty warm daytime temperatures as our nighttime temperatures begin to get downright cool. Humidity begins to drop and the air starts to feel fresher. It can be tempting to consider turning seasonal AC on and off or to only use it as needed. We may even view it as a way to save energy. That may not exactly be the result. Here are some tips to stay comfortable in the fall, while also being energy efficient.

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6 Tips for End of Summer AC Maintenance

Aug 22, 2017

Most people in Chicago consider air conditioning maintenance a part of their spring or summer routine. The fact is, the spring and early fall are both good times to conduct maintenance on your AC. End of summer AC maintenance, though, can ensure your system is ready to go for any “Indian Summer” days we may yet experience and is good to go in the spring. If there is a problem or potential problem, there is plenty of time to get it repaired or order any needed parts. If a residential AC maintenance check discovers serious issues, you will have time to make a repair or replace decision. End of year maintenance, along with spring maintenance can help your AC unit run more efficiently, last longer, and reduce overall maintenance costs. What type of end of summer AC maintenance should be performed and what are some air conditioning maintenance tips for this time of year?

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Why Homeowners Should Choose a Energy Star Central Air Conditioner

Aug 09, 2017

You've likely seen the Energy Star logo on appliances, electronics, and building products. It is a script “energy” followed by a five-pointed simple star in a square with the words “Energy Star” at the bottom. Some people may perceive that Energy Star is a brand or a manufacturer's marketing campaign. The fact is it is actually a government sanctioned volunteer program administered by the EPA. Let's take a look at the Energy Star program, how and why it got started, and why choosing an Energy Star central air conditioner can be of significant value to you.

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Repair or Replace? Average Life of an Air Conditioning Unit

Aug 02, 2017

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get at Althoff Industries are related to the repair, replacement, and lifespan of HVAC equipment. This time of year in Chicago, questions about the average life of an air conditioner unit and whether the repair or replacement of a central air conditioner is better are common. It is not an easy answer because personal situations and equipment quality vary so widely but we can add some perspective.

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7 Signs Your Residential AC May Not Be Operating Properly

Jul 26, 2017

Just because your car gets you someplace doesn't mean it is operating properly. It may have tires that are low, causing poor mileage. Low oil or coolant levels may be creating excessive heat that is damaging your engine. The same is true for your A/C system. Just because the air in your home is cooler than the air outside does not mean it is operating properly. Before calling for residential AC service, you may want to know how to check your air conditioner units to determine if they are working properly. Here are 7 signs you may have a developing issue with your Chicago area residential A/C.

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3 Common Issues that Affect Air Conditioner Performance

Jul 19, 2017

As we've mentioned in previous articles, there are many factors that will affect air conditioner performance. The most common issues, however, are the three “D's” of dirt, debris, and dust. A dirty air conditioner, dirty condenser coil or clogged air filter can cause more problems than you can imagine. They also can drain your wallet by making it more expensive to operate your unit, perhaps without your knowledge. This is why it is important to be conscious of the three “D's” that affect air conditioner performance and to proactively take steps to prevent their build up.

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4 Reasons Why Air Conditioners Freeze Up (and what to do)

Jul 13, 2017

It seems contrary to logic. The humidity soars and temperatures rise into the 90s. Simply going outside in the Chicago area heat drains the energy out of you. Sweating is almost instant. Of course, this is the time when your home air conditioner stops working. There may be some irony in the cause of your AC's failure. Your air conditioner may no longer cool your home because it...froze? It's true and it is a relatively common issue when A/C units are working overtime in the heat of the dog days of summer.

There is a thermodynamic name for why this AC unit freezing takes place. It happens in part because of the Joule-Thomson Effect. What causes this phenomenon and what can you do about it?

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How to Select the Correct SEER Rating for Your Residential Air Conditioner

Jul 05, 2017

When faced with replacing the air conditioner of your Chicago area home, you will likely have to make a decision on a SEER rating for your unit. The challenge is, many don't know what a SEER rating is let alone how it is used in selecting the best system for your home. For those experienced in such matters, you can take a pass on this blog. If, however, you would like to know what a SEER rating is, how it is determined, and how to use it in the selection of the best AC unit for your space, we encourage you to read on.

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14 Smart Tips to Lower Summer Cooling Bills

Jun 28, 2017

Most of us in the greater Chicago area are glad to see the summer months arrive. It means the return of baseball, vacations, and trips to the beach. One thing though that summer brings that is not so welcome is the higher summer cooling bills. You are not helpless, however, in fact, far from it. From investing in solar panels to using energy saving LED lighting, there are plenty of steps you can take to be more energy efficient which in turn helps reduce summer cooling and electric bills. Here are 14 obvious, and some not-so-obvious, tips to save on your summer cooling bills.

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4 Important Benefits of Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance

Jun 06, 2017

One the easiest, least expensive and most beneficial ways to keep your air conditioner humming along through the summer season is through changing the air conditioning filter and through regular air filter maintenance. Yet, it is amazing how often our HVAC technicians will see an air conditioner filter that has been ignored for far too long. Changing your air conditioner filter is particularly important if you have pets or there is a smoker in your home. Here are four benefits of air conditioning filter maintenance.

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