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Sticky? Stuffy? Creating Ideal Indoor Humidity in Your Home

by Blake Wiltshire | Jun 21, 2017 | HVAC, Residential HVAC, Residential Services, Air Quality, Residential Air Quality | 0 Comments

At Althoff Industries, we don't just view ourselves as HVAC technicians. We see ourselves as indoor air quality specialists. Properly treating the air in a home is much more complex than it may first seem. There are numerous factors to consider. One has to note the size, construction and floor plan of the house. How much insulation and home construction materials are a factor. Of course, climate and duct work is critical. Is there a lot of dust in your area or does your family suffer from allergies? One has to also consider how humid the area the home is located in and whether the installed system will not only work efficiently but remove indoor humidity from conditioned air. Creating the best indoor air quality for your family must include the consideration of a number of important factors. If not, there can be problems with your indoor humidity.

It is an issue we see frequently as the summer heats up. We'll be contacted by homeowners, some with newer systems, complaining that the air in their home feels cool, but somehow is also sticky or feels stuffy. They may have trouble sleeping or find themselves turning the thermostat lower and lower to feel comfortable. Fuel bills rise to stay comfortable. This may be an indication the air is too humid in the home.

The Problem of Humidity

During the summer, our outside Midwest air will regularly reach humidity levels of 75% and higher. Conditioned indoor humidity, however, should never be above 50%, and preferably be around 35%. If you notice a musty odor or feel your home is too humid, you should have the issue investigated by indoor air specialists who understand the mechanics and science behind conditioning air.

You'll want to determine the source of the humidity. It could be something as simple as frequently cooking with boiling pans on the oven or having a large family that enjoys steamy showers. If this is the case, efficient vent fans or a stand alone dehumidifier can solve the issue. The humidity could be coming from an unknown source like sweating pipes or moisture that is leaking inside, or into, your home. This can cause serious issues like mold or structural damage so it should be addressed promptly.

There is another problem with higher humidity in homes that many mom and pop HVAC companies aren't aware of. It is a seldom addressed issue with ultra-high efficiency cooling systems and high indoor humidity.

High Efficiency AC Systems and Indoor Humidity

HVAC systems have continually increased in efficiently through the years to the point where many customers are seeing energy savings of 50% or more over their older systems. This makes them very attractive to consumers. However, some of these newer, ultra-high efficiency systems, if not chosen carefully and installed properly, will struggle to remove humidity as well as older systems. They may not “feel” as comfortable as the old system. Again, this is why it is important to select an experienced, trusted HVAC company.

Why Althoff Industries?

We understand that your system must work efficiently for the comfort of residents in your home. It must help clean your air, heat and cool your air, and reduce indoor humidity through the steamy summer months in the NW suburbs of Chicago. Our goal is superior indoor air quality. If you are just not as comfortable with the conditioned air in your home, call us at Althoff Industries.

Since 1961, we've been serving Chicago area businesses, industries, apartment and condominium and single-family homeowners with a range of mechanical services including HVAC systems. We specialize in creating solutions to maximize your savings without compromising comfort. Schedule an appointment today and discover the difference we can make in you indoor air quality and comfort. We look forward to assisting you!

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