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Proactive Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

by Tod Althoff | Sep 27, 2016 | Property Manager, Preventive Maintenance, property management maintenance, Plumbing | 0 Comments


One of the most easily overlooked systems in multi-unit residential buildings is the plumbing system. If the faucet works, the toilets flush and there’s no visible water on the floors, ceilings and interior walls, the system is generally left alone. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to maintain you plumbing system. Here at Althoff, we recommend proactive preventive maintenance when it comes to your plumbing.

A Proactive Approach to Your Multi-Unit Residential Plumbing Maintenance

When it comes to being proactive with your plumbing system, you, your maintenance staff and your residents must work together to spot and report leaks and potential plumbing problems. Otherwise, property managers could find themselves with water damage and the need for expensive emergency repairs.

Your Maintenance Staff      proactive_preventive_maintenance_plumbing.jpg

  • Check Drains and Water Pressure – Maintenance staff should periodically turn on water faucets to view the water pressure and ensure the drain beneath the faucet is working correctly.
  • Inspect Laundry Rooms – Community laundry rooms should be inspected by maintenance staff for water leaks, unexplained puddles and water spots of soft spots in the floors or walls.
  • Inspect Water Heaters – The pipes connected to the water heater should be visually inspected as well as the overall condition of the heater. If the water heater is near the end of its useful life it should be replaced before it catastrophically fails.
  • Look for Water Spots and Wet Areas – As your maintenance staff walks down your halls and into and out of public rooms, they should always scan the ceiling, walls and floors for unexplained water and water damage.
  • Visually Inspect Exposed Pipes – Exposed water pipes should be inspected on a regular basis. Your maintenance staff should look for evidence of leaks and corrosion. If your exposed pipes are leaking or corroded, there’s a good chance the rest of your plumbing needs also needs maintenance and repair work.
  • Walk the Grounds – Maintenance staff and landscaping crews should be on the lookout for soggy areas or puddles, especially if they are located around sewer pipes. This could indicate that the sewer pipe is severely damaged and leaking sewage onto your property.

Your Residents

  • Be Vigilant in the Bathroom – Residents should regularly look around their toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs to make sure the caulking is in good repair. They should check under their sinks for signs of water damage and leaks in the cabinets. Lastly, residents should file a report with maintenance any time water pressure is low or the drains are slow.
  • Examine Washers – Residents with washers inside their units, should check the hot and cold water hoses and connections for wear, tear, leaks and corrosion. Damage and leaks should immediately be reported to maintenance.
  • Examine Water Heaters – Water heaters are designed to last a specific number of years. Your residents should know when their water heater was installed and replace it close to the end of its useful life to prevent a blowout and major water damage.
  • Keep an Eye Out in the Kitchen – Kitchens have numerous water pipes and drain lines. Residents should periodically check under the sink for water leaks and call maintenance if the drains appear slow or the water pressure appears weak.

Proactive Preventive Maintenance with Althoff

Our professional plumbers, here at Althoff in Chicago, can help you keeping your potable water lines and drain lines in good working order by providing you with proactive preventative maintenance. We can inspect all of your drain lines with a flexible camera that will help us locate any problem areas and excessive corrosion. We can test the composition of your water and perform a pressure test to make sure your residents are getting the right amount of water pressure on every floor of your building. If we find any issues with your plumbing system, we can give you a time-frame for the needed repairs and provide you with detailed quotes. We can even upgrade your existing plumbing system so that it meets all of your residents’ needs.

To learn how we can keep your multi-unit residential plumbing system running reliably and efficiently, call us at 800-225-2443.


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