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Isolation Valve Exercises Need to be Part of Your Plumbing Maintenance

by Patti Althoff - Siwicki | Mar 24, 2016 | Plumbing | 0 Comments


When was the last time your valves were exercised? If you don't know the answer, it may already be time for some routine maintenance. Isolation valve exercises have to be done on a regular basis throughout both residential and commercial properties to make sure your plumbing systems are properly maintained! The good news that valve exercising is a fairly simple and fast process.

The Importance of Valve Exercising

Valve exercising is absolutely necessary in order to test the actual operation of the valves within your plumbing system. A valve is designed to be exercised once every few months to make sure that it is operating as it should be; that the flow is clear, that the valve can be manipulated, and that shutting the valve off does not produce any leaks. In the case of isolation and cutoff valves, this becomes even more important. Larger properties contain many isolation valves, and these isolation valves may never be tested until an owner needs to complete work in their unit. By testing valves and maintaining them, you can both reduce costs and unexpected issues that could arise if a cutoff valve fails. Most owners will not know to test their own cutoff valves and may not discover issues until they are too late. A failure to properly exercise isolation valves can also lead to them failing prematurely.

Properly Exercising Isolation Valves

The process of exercising an isolation valve is simple. The valve is manipulated into fully open and fully closed positions, tested both ways to make sure that the flow is compensating as it should. By opening and closing the valves, and mineral deposits and other sediments can be removed, thereby making it less likely that the valve will become sealed or difficult to manipulate. At this time, the valve can also be checked for any leaks, and maintenance personnel can make sure that the water has been fully cut off as desired.

Incorporating Valve Exercising Into Property Maintenance

Valve exercising is generally included in the routine maintenance and repairs of your property's plumbing. Though the process itself may be fairly simple, valve exercising can still be fairly tedious; isolation valves exist in every unit and sometimes there are multiple valves within each property. Rather than having to potentially disrupt residents and owners, it's easier for valve exercising to be conducted whenever the water service is being otherwise repaired and maintained. This reduces any potential water disruption while completing the exercise process faster and more effectively. Regardless, valves should be exercised at least once a year to avoid any future maintenance and plumbing issues.

For more information about the importance of isolation valve exercising -- and other services designed to maintain the health of your plumbing system -- contact Althoff Industries today. Althoff Industries offers a full spectrum of installation, maintenance, upgrade, and repair services, for both commercial and residential infrastructures.


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