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Implementing Alternative Energy Solutions in Your Chicago Condo

by Patti Althoff - Siwicki | Jun 09, 2016 | Energy Saving Services | 0 Comments


Are you interested in making your condo, co-op or apartment building more energy efficient? New provisions in the Illinois Condominium Property Act have made it easier for associations to implement alternative energy solutions for their multi-unit residential buildings, providing the installations meet certain criteria.

Section 18.4 of the Illinois Condominium Property Act

Section 18.4 details the guidelines for which associations can alternative energy solutions. The section dictates that condo or co-op associations or board members may facilitate the installation of solar of wind energy devices for a multi-unit residential building if the system is installed on common elements and does not include any property owner who wishes to opt out of the installation or any benefits provided by the system, providing that the non-consenting owners make up no more than 25 percent of the residents.

Solar Power for Apartments, Condos and

Solar panels are generally more popular than wind turbines, due to their ease of installation and reliability when creating electricity. Most solar panel systems are installed on rooftops, which means your green spaces will not be affected by the installation, and the panels will receive the maximum amount of available sunlight.

Solar panels take light from the sun and convert it into electricity, which can power electrical components, like lights, computers, water heaters and air conditioners, if the system is large enough. In fact, determining the size of your solar power system will be one of the major decisions you make before purchasing and installing the system.

Determining the size of your system will depend on what percent of your total electric consumption you want to come from your solar panels. Solar panels for apartments, condos and co-ops can be purchased in sizes that handle between 15 and 100 percent of the electrical load. The larger your system, the most expensive it will be to install, but your energy savings will be greater.

Solar Energy Solutions for Apartments

Renters can also create their own solar energy for their apartment. Mobile solar chargers are one of the most popular options. These small solar panels are designed to cling to windows where they collect the sun's rays and convert them into usable energy that can be used to charge a cell phone or other mobile device.

Another option includes the use of balcony mounted solar panels. To use this type of system, all renters have to do is mount the panel onto their balcony and plug it into an outdoor electrical socket. The panel will create some of the electricity used throughout the apartment unit and lower the renter's electric bill.

Designing and Implementing Your Green Energy Solution with Althoff

Here at Althoff Industries, we offer a wide range of energy efficient solutions for condos, co-ops and apartment buildings. Our system designers and engineers can take your goals for energy savings and green energy generation and turn them into a viable system. We offer air and water testing and balancing, building automation solutions, energy retrofits and thermal scanning among many other green services. We can even help you reduce your building's overall energy consumption.

To learn more about how we can help you make your multi-unit residential building in Chicago more energy efficient, call us at 1-800-2443.

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