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Fight the Chicago Winter for Your Residents With a Green Energy Audit

by Tod Althoff | Jan 05, 2016 | Property Manager, Energy Saving Services | 0 Comments


When was the last time you conducted an energy audit of your properties? The winter months are the perfect time for Chicago property managers to make sure that their properties aren't wasting energy or losing heat. Here are a few ways you can green your building and improve your energy efficiency.

Checking for Air Leaks

Air leaks and drafts will result in serious energy losses for a property. An energy audit will check areas around windows, doors, and other openings, to make sure that the heated air isn't escaping. Insulation can be improved through weather stripping and loose fill or padded insulation within the walls. Air leaks can also occur within the duct work that comprises the central air system. Air leaks that are resolved will also improve energy efficiency come the Warner summer months.

Looking for Heat Loss

Thermal scanning is one of the easiest ways to determine whether there is heat loss throughout a property. Heat is one of the largest sources of energy consumption and reducing the amount of heat loss will greatly reduce utility costs. Thermal scanning is beneficial because it's non-invasive; it can be conducted throughout the property to find issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. For instance, there could be heating leaks that are within the walls, and thus haven't been identified; residents could be finding themselves turning their heat up but not knowing the reason. 

Reviewing Lights and Appliances 

An energy audit will also look for inefficient lights and appliances. CFL and LED bulbs will be far more energy efficient than incandescent lights and modern appliances are much more energy efficient. Many energy efficient appliances will even come with tax credits that can offset the price of the upgrade. Energy efficient appliances improve upon the value of a property and also make them more attractive to tenants. Appliances use quite a lot of energy and water and a new appliance can ultimately pay for itself in saved energy costs. This is especially true for buildings that maintain water and air heating for the tenants rather than having separate in-unit appliances.

Althoff Industries offers a comprehensive energy savings service including thermal scanning, energy retrofitting, and building automation. Contact Althoff Industries today for more information about conducting your green energy audit. A green energy audit will both reduce your energy costs and will improve the comfort of your residents throughout the year.


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