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An Energy Efficient Chiller HVAC System Replacement Assessment Plan

by Megan Althoff | Jun 23, 2016 | Property Manager, HVAC | 2 Comments


Are you looking to replace your existing chiller hvac system with a more energy efficient chiller? Here at Althoff Industries, we perform thorough chiller replacement assessments for multi-unit residential buildings in Chicago that are considering replacing their existing chillers with a more energy efficient model.

Your HVAC Chiller System: Delivering Cool Air, Building Ventilation and Humidity Control

In the summer, your water or air cooled chiller controls the temperature of your building by removing heat and humidity and providing building ventilation. Chillers use water and a refrigerant to cool your indoor air and expel heat. If you use a water cooled chiller, the condenser, where the heat is expelled, is water cooled. If you use an air cooled chiller, the condenser is cooled by air.

The basics of both systems are the same. Each system contains a condenser, compressor, evaporator and an expansion valve. The cooling process starts at the evaporator, where the cooling agent or refrigerant passes over a series of coils or tubes to absorb the heat from the water. The refrigerant continues its path to the compressor, which acts like a pump. The compressor then sends the refrigerant on to the condenser, where the refrigerant is forced to give up its heat either to the outside air or water. The refrigerant then passes through the expansion valve, which lowers the refrigerant's pressure and temperature, before starting the cycle again.


Our Chiller HVAC System Replacement Assessment

Our chiller HVAC system replacement assessment starts with a thorough review of your existing system. When our HVAC professionals examine your current chiller system , they will be looking for the make and model, its age, if any components have or are failing and if it meets the current energy standards. We will also ask you how much it costs per year to run your chiller. The numbers can be derived by looking at your energy bills for the last two or three summers.

Your Chiller Replacement Options

From this information, we will compile a list of three replacement chiller options. Each option will meet or exceed the standards set forth by the current IECC Code. Each option we suggest will be able to fit on your roof, and your current roofing system will be able to support the weight. You can also be assured that each of our options will be from reputable, vetted manufacturers, and we will deliver your system and install it for the quoted price, according to the option you choose.

Option A: The Good Option

Option A is usually our most budget friendly when it comes up upfront costs. The unit will meet or exceed all current energy standards, which means it will save you money on your summer cooling bills. Often times, the Option A unit weighs less than your old unit but retains the same levels of operational noise.

Option B: The Better Option

Option B usually costs more than Option A. However, this option usually offers better energy efficiency, up to 25 percent over your existing system, and it usually contains additional features, like lower operational sound levels and variable speed fans.

Option C: The Best Option

Option C is typically the most expensive to purchase up front. However, this option is usually the most energy efficient. Our Option C choices could save you as much as 40 percent when compared to your existing system, and they contain additional features, including lower levels of operational noise, variable speed fans and reduced maintenance costs.


ComEd Rebates

When you replace your existing air or water cooled chiller, you may be eligible for ComEd rebates, which could save you money on your installation costs. CoMed's rebates usually include a certain amount of cash back, according to the size of your newly installed unit.  You may also be eligible for additional cash back if you meet certain other criteria.

To learn more about our chiller HVAC system assessment plans and how a new chiller could increase your building's energy efficiency, call us at 800-225-2443.


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