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5 Benefits Direct Digital Control Technology Has on Your Facility

by Megan Althoff | Mar 16, 2017 | Building Automation, Energy Retrofits, Smart Building, Energy Efficiency, Direct Digital Control | 0 Comments

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Have you heard of Direct Control Technology (DDC)? Direct control technology goes hand-in-hand with Building Automation Systems (BAS) to provide your residential or commercial building with precise controls and warnings when a critical system isn’t functioning correctly.  This can help you increase your building's energy efficiency and handle maintenance problems before they become critical.

Benefits of DDC Controls

Implementing DDC Controls can give your building a high-tech advantage and attract tenants that are motivated by energy efficient designs, smart security, automated maintenance and improved building automation for tenants.

1. Convenient Automation of Security Systems

Motion sensors connected to the Direct Digital Controls can turn on lights when a car pulls into the parking garage or parking lot in order to provide better illumination and safety for the occupants of the building. If the system utilizes keyfobs for residents, the resident that just entered onto the property may be able to unlock the exterior door by waving the keyfob in front of a scanner. This eliminates the need to locate keys and manually unlock the door, which increases the speed at which the resident can get into the building.

2. Cost Effective

With the right sensors and software in place, building and property managers can quickly view the energy efficiency of the building and its components. For example, a maintenance technician or the property manager may notice that the climate control system and lights are on in certain sections of the building when they are least likely to be occupied. As a result, the individual can set the lighting to turn off and on at certain times and program the thermostat in that zone of the building to lower or raise the temperature in order to save money and make the building more energy efficient.

3. Easier Maintenance

Sensors on HVAC systems, mechanical ventilation and on the electric system can send alerts when a parameter is outside of the normal or expected range. Once the alert has been noticed by management, they can take steps to remedy the problem before it becomes critical or results in the failure of a system.

4. Easy Climate and Lighting Control

DDC controls make it possible to set all the climate control zones and lighting zones from any computer that contains the DDC control software. This is much faster than locating all of the thermostats and light controls in every section of the building.

5. Retrocommissioning Made Simple

Retrocommissioning can involve changing out hardware, which is a time-consuming, expensive process. With the right type of DDC Controls, the process simply involves changing parameters in the software or updating the software package so that it can provide more detailed information. Another benefit is that once the software changes have been made, observation of the system can yield vital data on its functionality within a relatively short period of time.

Implementing Direct Digital Controls with Althoff

Althoff Industries of Chicago is proud to offer customized Direct Digital Controls for building automation. This technology can be utilized in new construction and retrofitted in existing buildings. Our BAS professionals utilize VYKON because of its cross-platform compatibility and ease of use. Imagine your HVAC system alerting you to the fact that your air filter needs changed or if a change in air pressure has been detected or imagine being able to control temperatures and lighting in your building from your office. It is all possible with Direct Digital Controls. The systems we design and use are even backwards compatible. This means that if you have an existing BAS system, we can successfully expand it so that it does everything you need it to do.

To learn more about DDC controls and how we can help you automate your building so that it is more user-friendly and energy efficient, call us today at 800-225-2443. 


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