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4 Signs Your Chicago HOA is Ready to Go Tankless

by Megan Althoff | Feb 04, 2016 | Property Manager, Tankless Water Heater | 0 Comments



Is your Chicago HOA ready to invest in tankless water heaters? A full installation of new water heaters can be a fairly significant investment, and it's certainly not one that a Chicago property manager would embark upon lightly. Here are a few signs that your Chicago HOA may be ready to go tankless.

Your Residents Keep Complaining About Hot Water Availability

Being a property manager is about keeping your residents happy. A traditional tanked water heater can only do so much; once it's empty, it has to heat an entire tank of water again before it's able to produce anything above a lukewarm. When residents are all struggling to get in their morning shower, the traditional water heater may never be able to achieve a comfortable temperature. If your residents aren't getting hot water, a water heater that is tankless can help; these water heaters are able to provide entirely on-demand water heating.

Your Utility Bills for Gas or Electricity Are Rising

Tankless water heaters are efficient -- and their efficiency increases based on how cold it is outside. During the winters, you'll be paying to keep tanks and tanks of hot water stored and heated throughout the cold nights. A tankless water heater is far less expensive because it only operates when hot water is actually being requested. And it isn't just that traditional water heaters are inefficient -- they also get more inefficient as they age. As their components break down, they'll need to work harder and consume more electricity or gas in order to function. So you'll often see your bills increasing for no identifiable reason.

Your Calls to Maintenance Are Getting More Frequent

Frequent calls to maintenance regarding your tanked water heater is a sign that it's going bad and needs to be replaced. Rather than sinking more money into a system that's already failing, you can invest in a newer system that costs far less to repair and maintain. Tankless water heaters have fewer parts and are consequently less likely to break down when you need them.

Your Water Heating System Is More Than 10 Years Old

Most tanked water heaters have a lifespan of anywhere from ten to twenty years, depending on the make and model. Tankless water heaters can last well over two decades. If your water heating system is already approaching the end of its usable life, it may be time to make an investment. Water heaters that are tankless will generally pay for themselves within two or three years. 

Every property is a unique property. Though the signs may be pointing towards a tankless water heating system, you may need additional assurances. Althoff Industries works closely with Intellihot, pioneers in smart water heating technology. Through Althoff Industries, you can learn more about intelligent water heating systems and the benefits they can offer your properties.

Under the roof, your building is covered. 

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