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Your home is your greatest investment. A home that works properly and efficiently keeps your loved ones safe and gives you peace of mind. When it comes to home repair and maintenance, you need a team of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC professionals that you can rely on. Althoff Industries can be that team for you.


For almost 60 years, Althoff Industries has been providing plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Our experience makes us one of the best repair and maintenance companies in the state, with our services expanding to Barrington. Our family-owned business provides high-quality services that focus on reliability and strong customer relationships.


Serving homes big and small, we offer installation, repair, and maintenance for plumbing and HVAC systems, as well as electrical services. We work 24/7 in Barrington, which means we’ll be there when you need us. Learn more about our services below.

Our team of experienced plumbers can find even the smallest leak and repair the most stubborn faucets. We’ll get your plumbing problem solved as quickly as possible.

More Information on Plumbing Services

No matter where you are in America, you need a reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Chicago’s weather brings extremes in all seasons, so it is essential to keep your HVAC systems maintained.

More Information on HVAC Services

Our expert technicians can check and repair your furnace even on a cold winter day. We seek to uncover the root cause of the issue and offer you a complete solution

More Information on Furnace Services

Water heaters deliver so many comforts to homes. Thats why, when your water heater goes down, it’s important to have it fixed immediately. We’ll make sure that your water heater is working safely and efficiently so you won’t have to worry.

More Information on Water Heater Services

Are you hearing strange noises at night? Don’t be afraid, that could be your boiler. Boilers can be complex, so we’ll help you fix it and give you a run-through of what should be done to keep it maintained.

More Information on Boiler Services

When the summer heat kicks in, your air conditioner can become one of the most important appliances in your home.  Prolong the life of your AC by immediately addressing small repairs and booking annual air conditioner tune-ups.

More Information on AC Services

Our electricians can handle all electrical-related tasks and problems. If you need help with lighting installations or need to solve tripping circuit breakers, we are the team to call. We also offer emergency electrical services 24/7.

More Information on Emergency Services


Althoff Industries is licensed, insured, and bonded, providing repair and maintenance services on demand. We quote our prices upfront and never overcharge. We’re dedicated to risk management and excellent customer service, so we won’t stop until you’re safe and satisfied. 


For professional plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services in Barrington, call Althoff Industries through the numbers below:

  • (815) 455-7000
  • (800) 225-2443 (toll-free)

We serve the Greater Chicago area and other places like Algonquin, Maywood, and Round Lake. For a full list of service areas, click here.